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Rupert Shanks - Knoydart

Rupert introduces his film which was made for Wilderness Scotland :

"It’s not only stunning landscapes that remind us of the value of wild places, it is also the insights and tales of the people who live and embrace it. The people and places of Scotland are so rich in culture, colour and inspiration, we have, for a long time, wanted to try and capture, then share their spirit.

Our first episode focuses on the Knoydart peninsula, often called Britain’s last great wilderness due to its inaccessibility and dramatic wild landscape. This film gives an insight into life on Knoydart from local people who have spent most of their lives there and others who have chosen to make it their home, such as local farmers, crofters and restaurant owners. The values they live by are shaped by their special location. The strong connection with each other and the land make a fascinating insight into life in a remote place.

We plan to release five episodes throughout the year every six weeks. We hope we can take you with us on a journey through Scotland’s wild places."

To see more of Rupert's work have a look at his website.