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StAnza, Scotland's International Poetry Festival

St Andrews

One of the top poetry festivals in the UK, StAnza is famous for its friendly atmosphere and international focus, the place to hear favourite poets, discover new voices and enjoy the beautiful town of St Andrews and StAnza’s lively festival hub. Choose from more than 80 readings, performances, discussions, poetry inspired installations and exhibitions and other cross-media performances in a range of atmospheric venues in and around the historic and lively town centre, take part in a wide range of workshops, a masterclass and open mic events, or just sit and enjoy the lively festival scene with a coffee or drink. This year’s themes are The Self and Borderlines and there will be our Going Dutch language focus (Dutch/Frisian/Flemish).


TBC: March 2020



StAnza, Scotland's International Poetry Festival

St Andrews
KY16 9LA


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