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This listing is no longer visible.

Below are some Ferienhäuser, FeWos und Selbstversorger in Edinburgh nearby that might be of use.

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Alternative Accommodation

1 Brothershiels House Edinburgh, EH38 5YF
2 Braehill House Heriot, Midlothian, EH38 5YF
3 Airhouses Oxton, Lauder, Scottish Borders, TD2 6PX 5 Sterne
4 Midlothian Apartments 54 Gorebridge, Midlothian, EH23 4BY
5 Digger's Cottage Lauder, TD2 6PP
6 Diggers Cottage Oxton, Lauder, TD2 6PP
7 The Small Cottage Gorebridge, EH23 4TA
8 Thornton Farm Rosewell, Rosewell, EH24 9EF
9 Aem Edinburgh Apartments - Morningside 45 Eskbank Road, Dalkeith, Edinburgh, EH22 3BH 4 Sterne
10 Dunvegan Lauder, TD2 6TH