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This prominent island just off the coast of Harris was home to some 100 people in the 1940s. Access was difficult and the population slowly declined. The closure of the primary school in 1967 led to the eventual evacuation of the island. The last inhabitants left in 1971. A few houses are still retained as holiday homes.

The island is perhaps best known as the location, in 1934, of the first experiment in Britain to deliver mail by rocket. Gerhard Zucher a German inventor set up a one metre long solid-fuel rocket to fire the mail across from Scarp to Harris. Unfortunately when Gerhard lit the fuse the rocket blew up and singed envelopes were scattered over a wide area. A second attempt to fire the mail back from Harris to Scarp was successful – but nothing came of the project and Gerhard was later imprisoned in Germany, accused by the Gestapo of selling rocket technology to Britain.

Access by charter boat

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