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This week's #themeweek subject is #ScotHotelsWeek. So stay tuned while we bring you a blog on Edinburgh's Top 10 Hotels and plenty of great hotel tips, photos and news on Facebook and Twitter. We'd love for you to get involved whether you run a hotel or just love staying in them. Please do post your hotel pics, any advice on great places you know about and any secrets for getting the best out of Scotland's hotels. What are you waiting for? It's your #ScotHotelsWeek so get involved!

We now run these #ThemeWeeks regularly on both our Facebook and Twitter accounts, with links right into our main website. The way it works is simple. The week before we announce the topic to whet your appetite and get you thinking and those creative juices flowing. Then on Monday morning away we go for seven fun and info filled days swirling around the topic. On our main site you will find over 16,000 things to see and do in Scotland, plus where to eat and stay and much, much more. You’ll also find links to downloading our ace free App for iPhone and Android devices.
The Balmoral *copy copyrtigh Robin McKelvie

#ThemeWeeks Topics

The topics of our #ThemeWeeks are diverse. And we are open to suggestions too so if there is something that you are really keen on then please do get in touch and we will look seriously at your idea. Who knows, your very own #ThemeWeek idea might soon be up and running on our Facebook and Twitter accounts!
Previous theme weeks have focussed on topics such as #ScotFoodWeek, #PerthshireWeek and #GlasgowWeek. The former is a regular now, which we run twice a year so look out for this chance to really go to town on Scotland’s superb fresh produce and the ace places around the country to savour it. A #ThemeWeek really allows our audience to learn more about places, as well as local businesses to get over to a very wide audience exactly what they do and new developments they want to share with our rapidly expanding world. It is all about sharing knowledge and providing everyone with really useful insider tips.
Caledonian &copy Copyright Robin McKelvie

How Do I get Involved in a #ThemeWeek?

Getting involved in one of our #Themeweek events could not be any easier. Just ‘Like’ us on Facebook (you can do that here) or follow us on Twitter (you can do that here). Then you can join in. With Facebook you can view our topic posts, which might be anything from questions about the #ThemeWeek topics or gorgeous photos on the theme. Then you can also engage further by posting anything to our wall, whether it is a question or stunning photos of your own.
On Twitter interacting with the #ThemeWeek could also not be any more simple. When you see a tweet that includes the relevant #ThemeWeek hashtag you can just reply to it or, even better, write a whole new tweet addressed to @welcomescotland that includes the relevant #ThemeWeek hashtag.
We make an effort to get back to as many Facebook posts and Twitter tweets as possible – we really appreciate the fact that you choose to engage with us and want you to keep doing it!
Rutland &copy Copyright Robin McKelvie

So What Are you Waiting For?

Now you know exactly what our #ThemeWeek concept is all about and how easy it is to get in there what are you waiting for? Don’t be scared. Don’t be shy. Just log on to the internet now, whether it’s on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device and get cracking by joining one of our #Themeweek events. We look forward to meeting you. Welcome to Scotland!